Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail 4

A letter to the terrorist

Hey buddy,

I hear you have been holed up in Hotel Taj guarding a bunch of unknown foreigners and demanding vague favours for the sake of some XYZA organization......... And I hear all of these are being done under the orders of some big, high command who has struggled all his life for protecting the freedom of your creed/religion/kin from the aggravating, selling people who come to corrupt your values.

I am ask you only this............. I am sure you have some time, while you are waiting for the response from the government and also looking out for the armymen?? Stop for a moment and think of all the decisions you have done till now. At every moment of these decisions are you sure you did your best to understand the consequences of these decisions..??? You say your family was tortured.. your sister was raped.. your brother killed.. and so you took this decision.. you say you took up arms to protect the innocent others..... I ask you this...Try and picture the face of the neighbours you took the gun to protect?? Any idea where they are and what they are doing ?? How safe are they??

Did you taking a gun and becoming a terrorist help them?? You say you doing this now will help them because your organization will be there to protect them? this will keep your leader in his quest to establish freedom for your kin ....How old did you say you are?? Say 'N'.

Ask yourself this how many people have you protected in so many 'N' years of noble fighting life other than yours?? How many have you killed??Ah but you say something has to be done... they can't get away with all the evil they are doing?? I am completely with you on that matter, they may have hurt you, But dude what have you done to them?? or to yourself?? Has what you have done improved your condition as you have seen till now?

Ah you say that the system has failed...... The system has to protect you and your community but has sold out to those enemies........... May i remind you the system is just a whole big bunch of rules decided and written down by a set of representatives who thought they were doing their best........ Do you think you are doing your best?? If you believe in it honestly, then go on with your quest......... But if not you know what are your options!!!! Remember Jonah Jameson taught to Peter parker?You always have a choice.............
I cannot understand the complete facts of your situation however i can......... I can only try....and hope my best is good enough....... But
All I ask is do the best you can.........
Always there to listen..

Anand J

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail 3

The glee on your face as you went on your murderous rampages is chilling. You look no different than any other young man I'd have met on my daily commute to work. Early-20s, closely cropped hair, combat trousers, t-shirt...but there the difference stops. It's not a satchel on your back. But your weapon of choice - a machine gun. One you used to take away innocent lives. How could you bring yourself to murder those who've done you no wrong? Men, women even children! What is your motivation? Is it the promise of 72 virgins in heaven that turned you into a cold-blooded killing machine? Do you think any god - even your most benevolent one - will ever forgive for the lives you have wrecked? If you are still alive, I wish you a very slow painful death. You deserve no less, you pathetic piece of shit

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail 2

Dear Mumbai,
Gosh! How I hated you when I was there. Your smells, your crowds, your sweaty armpits...I would moan and bemoan the cesspool that the city seemed to my alien eyes. A throbbing mass of humanity. Packed tight in its train compartments and spilling out onto the Arabian sea. I couldn't bear to live there. But after moving out, in a strange way, I've come to miss you. Like the woman who turned insomniac after her snoring husband's death, I miss your madness, your mayhem. And as I watched you being systematically attacked, I cried for you. They say you have bounced back with remarkable resilience each time this has happened in the past. But how will you fare now? The mindless violence of the past few days have been intolerable to watch. Its scars may take a long time to heal. But I hope the people that make you the wondrous city that you are can rise again. Because if you give in and succumb to your wounds, the terrorists would have won. And that's just not what Mumbai does, kya?

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail

Dear Mr Karkare,

You were among the first casualties of the terror attacks on Mumbai. You lead from the front. You died like a soldier. Did you think that this could be the last time you were donning your bomb jacket when you slipped into it on Wednesday night? Did you ever imagine that one day you might die in the line of fire when you took up your job as the chief of anti-terrorist squad? Would you have chosen to go any other way?

Mr. Karkare, I have a little boy. And I cannot imagine him doing what you are doing. I would rather he grew up to be a boring accountant than a daredevil policeman like you. I simply cannot bear the thought of all the risks he would come under if he ever chose your line of work. But it's people like you who make it possible for children like mine to have a future.

I didn't do this when you were alive. It's too late now. Mr. Karkare, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You died so we may live.

RIP, officer.