Friday, November 28, 2008

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail 2

Dear Mumbai,
Gosh! How I hated you when I was there. Your smells, your crowds, your sweaty armpits...I would moan and bemoan the cesspool that the city seemed to my alien eyes. A throbbing mass of humanity. Packed tight in its train compartments and spilling out onto the Arabian sea. I couldn't bear to live there. But after moving out, in a strange way, I've come to miss you. Like the woman who turned insomniac after her snoring husband's death, I miss your madness, your mayhem. And as I watched you being systematically attacked, I cried for you. They say you have bounced back with remarkable resilience each time this has happened in the past. But how will you fare now? The mindless violence of the past few days have been intolerable to watch. Its scars may take a long time to heal. But I hope the people that make you the wondrous city that you are can rise again. Because if you give in and succumb to your wounds, the terrorists would have won. And that's just not what Mumbai does, kya?


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