Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mother's Day 5

The sad thing is, when your second daughter was born, I believe you turned to your husband and asked him if he was disappointed. This, despite knowing that the male chromosome couldn't have come from you. Your moment of joy at having given birth to a perfect, healthy baby blighted by the knowledge that she too, like her sister before her, is a girl. And it wouldn't have been made any easier by the 'loved ones' around you commiserating and consoling you. The progressive ones among them reassuring you with empty platitudes about a girl being equal to a boy. While desperately trying to hide the disappointment in their voices. How frustrating it must've been for you! But you handled it very great dignity and grace.

The children are grown now and what gorgeous girls they are! Beautiful, bright and spirited. I hope your initial regret at not having borne a son to further your husband's family name has since been replaced with the joy of watching your children grow. Kids are a remarkable gift. And I hope you now realise that you've been blessed. Twice over.


Blogger Prude said...

I want daughters. Two of them. And I want to see them is a dream. And I'm proud to be a daughters will be too. Good post.

6:58 AM  

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