Friday, November 03, 2006

My Dear - 45

To dearest friend


Come back soon... The intermittent long breaks that you have been taking nowadays to run home, leave me with a big void in my life. My days are always fun-filled with you around - a friend to laugh with, talk anything to without having to think of the consequences- literally any senseless thing, to fight with (I adore your punch-bag tummy!), to share my sentiments, egos, to cry with .. The occasional fights that we have always make you more and more lovable to me. The childhood that you gave me back at this age is incredible. I still dont know what I am to you - the distinct names that you call me from time to time make me realise that I am enjoying different flavours of a great friendship; but one thing for sure, you never would admit I am even 10% girlish. hhmm.. We have known each other for just over a year and a half, still you are that closest friend I missed to study with in school. How I wish I had you in my life since a good 10 years before. Before I could fully enjoy this best-of-its-kind friendship, it is time for us to part soon. One year hence, I dont even know where I will be, where you will be, what your profile is, who I will be with, what I am doing, when we would meet next... Remebering and loving the deal that we have with each other - 10 years down the lane, we would find each other and stay together as friends forever, IF both of us are still single...

love u always,
ur 'mamma'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for being back,

4:00 AM  
Blogger 1$ Saint said...

:) good one.....lovely!

9:50 PM  

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