Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Dear - 34

To you

My Dear,

We've definitely got someplace in life together, considering we're contemplating marriage and all. All couples, all over the world have their share of disagreements and I daresay we have more than a generous share of ours. But, we still move on hand-in-hand, together.

In moments of volcanic anger, you've asked me what keeps us together...more than once.

My reply is this - it's love. Our love isn't about roses and outings and gifts. We love enough to know each other's shortcomings and try and fill in those gaps, so that as a whole, we're an almost perfect being, in spite of being imperfect individuals.

I know things get tough. But please be patient in such times. Nothing is worth letting go of what we have. I hope you feel the same.

Love...actually :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Retrospection -

Can't believe i wrote that letter!!
We're married now. I'm pregnant. I look back........was it worth it all? My answer- don't deserve me ......the next time you hit me, you're dead asshole.

Sorry for taking up the space Ammani!! Take care.

5:24 AM  

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