Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Dear - 28

To Girl

My Dear Girl.

This is my first response to you.

I have seen you from the days you were a little girl to this day.
The same innocence, the same kindness, the same little girl deep inside.
Though you have grown to be a beautiful lady today, you are the same little girl for whom I have cared and cried for.

Nevermind those around you couldn't see the real you, nevermind the one who you loved and whom you thought loved you; only to betray, nevermind those faithless friends of yours, nevermind the group who awaits to knife you with their words. For me, you are still the same little girl with care and kindness.

Your tears have reached me, don't ask me how. I hoped and hoped for my rays touch you. To remove your pain from your tender little heart. For you still are the same little girl, with care and kindness.

One day, you will see and cherish the beautiful things and people around you and only that. You might even forget me, once that happens. It doesn't matter to me even if you do. As you will always remain as the same little girl; with care and kindness in her heart.

The Moon


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