Friday, August 04, 2006

My Dear - 18

To TV Serial Director

Dear director,

I have been watching all your TV serials and wanted to mail you. Now that I had your mail id thought of conveying few things which were in my mind.

Could you please let me know why you preferred to show this story more focussed on a young lady’s suffering? I am sick with the way you are showing your title. On what basis do you prepare the slots and shots. Your suspenses are monotonous that my five year old daughter too has started telling the next step. I could not understand why your stories always has a drunkard, a Widow sister, and a cruel mother-in-law. Are you very depressed in your life? Why are you not practical and realistic? Do you think that our ladies always like sentimental. Your heroine says that it is immoral to have two wives. Why couldn’t you think the same for your personal life? There had been lots of gossips that you are a womaniser. You were portraying through the heroine’s dad that alcoholism helps no one. Don’t you realise it for yourself? My friend who works in a five star hotel says that you visit their bar often, and have to be lifted most of the weekends. Your serial always has children missing their father. Don’t you realise that you hardly visit home to spend time with your children.

Please do not be a stranger. Preach what you practise. Try to portray few positive characters.

Also keep visiting your house regularly. Your family is missing you.

I do not mind the latest gossip of an affair with your heroine.

Yours truly,


(If you remember your original and legal wife)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its been on every Indian mind. I too sincerely wish these directors were more rational than they are now.

6:09 AM  

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