Friday, August 04, 2006

My Dear - 15

To Boss

Dear Ignoramus of a Boss Person

Wearing you ignorance and political incorrectness on your sleeve 24/7 is not a grand idea; especially when the cumulative IQ of your diverse workforce exceeds yours exponentially. Don’t you realize that every time you ask the friendly Indian lady about woman’s rights in India and follow it up with a little discourse on Afghanistan( courtesy CNN), you cause us to erupt into howls- internally? Stop, our bellies can’t take it any more.

What is it about the soft mannered gay gentleman in the next building that riles you so much? Are you afraid he might make a pass at you? Here, here, let me put you out of your wretched misery. Darling, your fat, balding farmhand charms might work on your wife who has borne you five + children, but I believe that fella is looking for a little more. So the next time around, during lunch time could we please cut out the “gay-luv-uh” jokes?

Speaking with an accent is perfectly acceptable. Now I know it’s difficult to get that piece of information through your thick cranium into your pea sized brain. So let’s try this once again. Speaking with an accent is FINE, especially if you possess a cute French one. By the way, did you know that chicks dig cute foreign accents? You could ask your teenage daughter the next time you guys are discussing family matters like her reckless sleeping around and your wife’s binging tendencies. And another thing, spare us the gory details later on. No, we are not prudes, infact we love dissecting your personality and exchanging gossip as much as the next person. But its time we gave it up. You are beginning to affect our productivity and we really want to move on, away from you and your stupid, insensitive jokes.


The Snooty One


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