Friday, August 04, 2006

My Dear - 13

To Athai

To my dear athai (aunt)…..
A general saying that nephews resemble their mama (uncle) nieces resemble their athais (aunts)………not only in physical appearance but also in character.
When I was a new born baby I resembled my father later my bubby athai says my Patti (grand ma). But now my resemblance is more or less similar to that of my mother.
I keep my mother busy for 24 hrs in taking care of me and I have started giving sounds like ‘aah’ ‘ooh’ if nobody is beside me. I think the first word which Iam going to say is athai……. Iam trying for it…. As soon as I utter the word I will give you a call.
Do you know athai …….. On the naming ceremony I waited for your call to hear my name from you … But I was disappointed.
But do not bother all those who utter my name cannot become my athai. It is always you and only you…..
I hear the voice of bubby athai over the phone whenever she speaks to my mother.Iam eager to hear your voice too...
I received the gift sent by you .I really like it. You saw me as a small baby in the photos but by the time you come to India I will be a toddler and will be ready to play with JIKKU anna (brother).
Iam awaiting your arrival and also eager to meet JIKKU anna (brother).
With this letter of mine-
I honor my athai who wrote about me in JIKKU two months before.
By now you would have recognized me …….
Yes, Iam none other than the two month old niece of AMMANI athai and chinna AMMANI athai!!!!!

with love


Blogger Dadoji said...

I thought so after the first para.

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Bubby said...

iduvum nalladaan irukku

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who wrote this? two month old baby!!!!
anyway its nice!!!!

10:00 AM  

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