Friday, August 04, 2006

My Dear - 9

To Sir

Dear Sir,

Do you know what it means to have a person refer to you as 'Sir'? Do you know that we need to feel the respect in order to give it to you? I suppose you have not heard of the self-esteem, since you squash it with gay abandon. Or, it could be a reflection of your own lack of it. I don't know.
But this much is for certain. You may think that you have power to swing my days from bad to terrible. It is true, but not for long. I have seen too many twerps in my lifetime to let your whims rules my mood. You call me bad? I'll show you that I am not only good at what I do - but also excel at it.
A decade later:I can't decide whether to feel sorry for you, hate you or thank you for what you did to me. It is because of your belittling me, that I put those very talents to use, and rose to my current coveted position. And now, you laugh nervously and proclaim I was the best!
I shall thank you - Thank you sir!

With regards,


Blogger BrainWaves said...

So many young minds are squashed by bad teachers... :(

11:48 AM  

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