Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Dear - 2

To Snowhite

My Dear Snowhite,

It has been long since I have spoken to you in a loving manner but I shall do so today. I have said many things to you, and done many more, by which I accorded a high place in your heart, yet how I fell from it? It was all a matter of circumstance –

Circumstance, my dear, is a tricky thing, that even the best of men can turn to be the worst by it, and the worst of them to be the best – a king to a pauper, a child to a man, and a man to his fours – and I should know, dear, I should know – as I’ve known it all my days. Though upon your return I saw no act of atonement, nor the seeking of forgiveness, here I say - I forgive you as truly as you are borne in my thoughts daily – for how can you ask for forgiveness for something you’ve never thought you’ve wronged in the first place?

Yes – I understand that it was circumstance. Some may say that circumstance is no excuse – not at all, my dear, not at all. But they who do not assent to circumstances are very high people – not by fortune or rank but by nature and goodness – and high things are as high things aught to be: rare. And we can’t all be high and rare, can we now, my dear?

You are a good person – a good person, or you’d have never gained my love, attention, and care. Yet as time passes by, as I age, I am starting to understand that, not all good people can be good to all, and therefore, I forgive you - as I always have, as I always will.

With Love,

A mere beggar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

// I am starting to understand that, not all good people can be good to all//
Reminded me of the day I realized this! A beautiful bitter truth isnt it? I think your words are wonderful all through, even the snow white is funny as a satire, but dont end it as a "mere beggar" - you are devaluing your human self - even if you thought she thought of you so - and people may jump to a conclusion that it is a letter of mere self-pity, which it doesnt seem to be inside the content! You just have to take a tiny little jump to complete recovery, skip those last two words - you are a great man - find a woman who adores you - you will find everybody to be a snow white as long as you judge yourself to be a beggar! Give yourself the credit that you are a human, you will soon find a wonderful human to be with! best wishes

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