Friday, August 04, 2006

My Dear - 16

To Manager

Dear Manager of McDonald,

This letter is to notify of you my resignation as of September 1st. It has been my utmost pleasure working for f#@%ers like you. I have found the experience I was initially looking for in a low life, power-hungry, corrupted fast food restaurant. I've learned to despise your lowly customer service and disgusting environment. I actually sometimes wonder if the beef you are serving is more disgusting than your work 'ethics'. However, I am greatly thankful and immenesly satisfied taht I spent more than an year in this dump---err--- restaurant because it taught me to never stoop this low again. As of September 1st, I would to resign my wonderful positon as a customer service specialist. But one thing for sure, I still have no clue what you mean by being a specialist because I know the job you expect me to do hardly requires any speciality. Once again, thank you for providing me with this invaluable experience. One more thing, you can be sure that I would not return to work here again and I am willing to promise this on the Big Mac you made four hours ago!!!




Blogger Nithya said...

Good one. What does a customer service specialist supposed to do, I wonder.

7:46 AM  

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