Friday, August 04, 2006

My Dear - 19

To Boss


I am happy that you announced the awards over the team meeting. I am happy that atleast 1/3d of the team was worthy of your attention and received the awards. I am happy that 2 of immediate colleagues have received the award.

However, I am unhappy about many selections. I have more than just a shred of doubt over some selections. I have absolutely no doubt about the sinister way in which you are choosing to disregard contributions from deserving colleagues. I have complete confidence in your ability to go low by choosing to reward non-performers.

And by the way...

- Did you know that it was me who initiated the Knowledge Growth practice in our team and not Antony?
- Did you know that it was me who prepared and submitted 2 Intellectual Capitals that got approved in the organizations KM group and it was not Siva?
- Did you know that I have the second highest number of project releases this year and Manoj had atleast 4 less than mine?
- Did you know that I have saved atleast 3 PMs from dangerous escalations saved their faces in the past one quarter?
... and so many more that I can keep on listing to a blank wall!

If you knew, atleast 4 of those awards would have been on my name.

Your Reportee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that everyone deserves what he/she gets. There is nothing like one doesnt deserve to lose or deserve to win. Your colleagues might have had something in them to deserve the awards...probably luck which you didnt. So, relax and put fight:)

6:07 AM  

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