Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Dear - 29

To the one adjacent

Dear Person in the adjacent cube,

The first day you walked in to the office, I expected you to be younger. At lunch you said you were single and my curiosity rose. You slowly took over the controls. Your quality to attract people won you many friends around the office. People would come and talk to you, and it was not just business. It made me jealous. We talked only business. I wanted to be one of those people whom you talked to so freely. I used to think of topics and current issues to talk in your presence. But they would never come out, never could take the many opportunities that came my way. But somehow I had cultivated the knack of getting my foot in my mouth whenever you were around. I would curse myself and so many times swore not to talk of things am not sure of, but I havent changed a bit.
I do not understand how you manage to get the best out of people. You always say the right things, as if u know what we are thinking. I began trusting you, so much that you were the first person whom I confided to when the case happened. I remember how you had consoled me when everything was over and I was shattered over the outcome. How can I ever forget! Being a male you knew what was hurting me.
You have a special place in my heart but I know it will always be closed. I couldnt open it to you, ever. How I wish circumstances were different, but how different. You are so near but yet so far. Sometimes I wonder is it natural to fall for your manager??

Yours truly,
Person in the adjacent cube.


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