Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Dear - 43

To Ammani

Dear Ammani,

As a regular reader, I welcomed your new initiative, seeing it first as a creative outlet, and only then as a channel for people to vent their sorrow, anger and hurt. And many letters were in line with my expectations- amusing and wry, imaginative and interesting. But every now and then nestled in all the "letter to fitness instructor" and "letter to the boss" mirth, there is a letter that speaks of a strained relationship, a letter that lets out years of bottled up sadness. And when I read those outpourings, where the hurt seek comfort in pouring out their woes in the comfortable yet, for want of a better word, cowardly shroud of anonymity to absolute strangers, I think maybe this is not right. Are they who face these demons, taking an easy way out rather than face their troubles, confront those who cause them so much anguish, and attempt to work things out? Wouldn't the words that can make strangers sympathise and empathise with them,be of better use in an open hearted dialogue with the once-familiar-now-far-removed ones?In offering them this window of escape, are you not shutting the door on a final attempt, however futile it may seem,at healing their relationships? Rhetorical as these questions may seem, I believe, the answers lie with you….



Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is no "perfect" answer

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