Friday, November 28, 2008

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail

Dear Mr Karkare,

You were among the first casualties of the terror attacks on Mumbai. You lead from the front. You died like a soldier. Did you think that this could be the last time you were donning your bomb jacket when you slipped into it on Wednesday night? Did you ever imagine that one day you might die in the line of fire when you took up your job as the chief of anti-terrorist squad? Would you have chosen to go any other way?

Mr. Karkare, I have a little boy. And I cannot imagine him doing what you are doing. I would rather he grew up to be a boring accountant than a daredevil policeman like you. I simply cannot bear the thought of all the risks he would come under if he ever chose your line of work. But it's people like you who make it possible for children like mine to have a future.

I didn't do this when you were alive. It's too late now. Mr. Karkare, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You died so we may live.

RIP, officer.




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