Friday, November 28, 2008

Lost in Post - Mumbai Mail 3

The glee on your face as you went on your murderous rampages is chilling. You look no different than any other young man I'd have met on my daily commute to work. Early-20s, closely cropped hair, combat trousers, t-shirt...but there the difference stops. It's not a satchel on your back. But your weapon of choice - a machine gun. One you used to take away innocent lives. How could you bring yourself to murder those who've done you no wrong? Men, women even children! What is your motivation? Is it the promise of 72 virgins in heaven that turned you into a cold-blooded killing machine? Do you think any god - even your most benevolent one - will ever forgive for the lives you have wrecked? If you are still alive, I wish you a very slow painful death. You deserve no less, you pathetic piece of shit


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