Friday, June 19, 2009

If I knew then what I know now (8)

Dear confused smart ass teenager,
first of all, don't be a smart ass. it won't get you anywhere other than making you lonely and possibly with mental health issues if not identified and handled properly. Sure, you "understand" more than what others think you can. but you do not have to try to make sure they get it. you know what, they will never get it. but you will get labels. loads of them. yes, sex is not a big deal, so you think. You will never know that it WILL be a big deal in your life to the extent that you will regret being such a smart ass in sex matters. you don't get it, do you? to whom are you trying to prove your smartness? to yourself? isn't it pathetic? you will never know that it (sex matter) will become such a monstor in your life. Mary the man your mother suggests. don't go to college. it will be good for you. work in the farm and cook for your children. dream about your children's future, not yours. you will have a peaceful life. trust me. No. you are not going to work for RAW. You will fail miserably in physical fitness. no, the interview won't be for RAW but for normal military. You do not have what it takes to be a spy. trust me on this.
Planimuththu will die young. cut him some slack. don't be too cruel to him. you will never get a chance to amend things with him.
Arulmozhi will die young too. You will wish you had known him little more.
But, hey, enjoy life and do all the mistakes in the world now. if you don't get to be stupid when you are a teen, when are you going to? Life is cruel. it doesn't allow you to be stupid. your mistakes will always be referred back. except your teenage years' mistakes. go ahead and do all mistakes and be stupid. I know that is what you did. just take care that they don't follow you in the later years. you missed this bit, didn't you? Good that you didn't let your teenageness affect your studies. Do you know how much it is going to save you later? Good luck, and you need it.


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