Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If I knew then what I know now (6)

Dear 15 year old me,

Make sure you put in those night hours into those IIT worksheets - there is no saying how much the name IIT would take you in life. BITS is cool, SVCE is good - but IIT is a lot better - and you don't know how many times you would be asked if you were from India and the next question would be whether you are from IIT - missing India games is a big deal, alright - but Tendulkar is never going to win the WC - so don't bother about him and stick to ML Khanna and JD Lee.

With tonnes of experience,
The 24 year old you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so so so so agree with this, I keep telling myself this many times over now! :(

3:16 PM  

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