Sunday, June 28, 2009

If I knew then what I know now (15)

"Dearest teenager,

This is going to be short and to the point, since your attention span
has already started the shrink. Couple of clarifications which might
just make your life and thinking simpler, hoping that you'd believe
them to be true...
1.) Pimples are bad, yes, besan is not going to help, clearasil wont,
that phoren thing from muscat wont, nothing will, except time. Just
hold on there, another 3 years and its going to clear out on its own.
Its like renting your dream home to a bachelor, out of lack of choice
and urgent need for money. Yeah, there is no need at all, but its a
part of it all...
2.) A golden future and marks are not exactly related. I know mom
tells you so, dad grunts at your average-ness. They wont understand,
dont bother explaining, cos even you dont fully believe in it! But its
just necessary to do your best now, so that there's peace at home and
you are at peace, not regretting anything not done...
3.) Dont you dare let that crush make you feel so bad about anything.
He is not worth it, trust me on this one. Move on, you're precious,
4.) Yes, you do spend far too much time on the phone, like mom says,
but its ok. They are some of your best ever friendships. You're gonna
treasure these memories forever...

Have fun!
Your future!"


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