Thursday, June 25, 2009

If I knew then what I know now (13)

Dear S,

Where do I start? Do I talk about the hardships or do I talk about the pleasant moments..Maybe, a bit of both. Yes,I know what you are thinking and I will come to the point.

I know you are studying electronics engineering, which you were forced to,by your sisters, but believe me, transistors may not be fun,but are interesting and you will realize when you become a hardware engineer.So, just embrace it as it comes though you may not understand it fully right now. And, don’t think you are not as good as your sisters. You will shine one day, with a graduate degree from one of the best universities in the world,for just being who you are.

When you start working,you will be on cloud nine and might feel the euphoria of being on top of the world, but,it is a vast, wild, rude world out there and you better learn how to deal with it. I know you are very brave but that is not enough to carry you forward. Rule #1:You should learn how to market yourself to grow in the corporate world. Rule #2: If you are in the right place at the right time, just grab the opportunity. It never knocks twice.

Now, coming to life, the only thing sure about life is death. Having almost tasted the feeling of dying twice, with two complicated surgeries under the belt,let me tell you, life is short and so if you love someone, don’t wait for the right moment as it may never come. Keep telling your parents how much you love them. Be content with what you have.I know you are arrogant, but as you will learn later, it never helps. Be polite to people and cherish your friends. They always come to your rescue and keep you going on in life,in spite of all the hardships that you might face.

I know you are waiting for your prince charming to swoop you into his arms and take you to a dream world…..well…here is the news girl, the prince is right in front of you or rather sitting next to you. You just need to recognize him.You might be bewildered to know that you will end up marrying that bespectacled boy sitting in the next desk. Yes, life does take astonishing turns but this one is a keeper. Believe me , as I have spent close to 10 years living with him.

Don’t fret over small things like a bad hair day. There is lot more to life than what you see now. I could go on about life, ethics, beauty,love, content, money….. but, in the end, you have to experience life to understand. It will be mixed with sorrow and joy and lots of love, but one that you will cherish.All I can say is,”You are who you are and so, be just you and stand up for what you feel is right as nobody is perfect in this world.”



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