Monday, June 22, 2009

If I knew then what I know now (11)

If I knew then what I know now

Beauty is not eternal. So take care of your physique beginning now.

Your body is what will determine your will to persist. So eat right and exercise.

You don't need to be an expert in anything to enjoy it. So sing, dance, swim, play with carefree abandon.

Never be in doubt of your intellect. You deserve all the success you get.

Define success before you begin your quest for it. Remember, success need not always be defined in monetary terms.

Money comes to those who seek it.

If you are not lucky, may be you can blame destiny. But if you do not work hard, you have only yourself to blame.

Nobody can make you unhappy without your permission.

Your parents are not perfect. Neither are you or anyone else. So let people be.

Speak up. Few people can read your mind.

Do not judge people as good or bad. All of us are somewhere in between.

There is no such thing a selfless sacrifice.

You will be discriminated many a time because you are a girl. Sometimes even by other girls because of your appearance. But remember you do not have to prove anything to anybody but your self.

You have the right to say no even to your parents.

Take charge of your life as early as possible.


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